Orion Magazine reviews PUMP SIX

September 3, 2008

Gavin Grant in his review of PUMP SIX for Orion Magazine coins the term “Bacigalupian.” As in a “grimly satisfying Bacigalupian take on the world.” Full review is online here. Bacigalupian. Say that five times fast. Okay, now try it without the giggling.

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Fantastic Reviews Interview and Review

March 10, 2008

Aaron Hughes over at Fantastic Reviews has a very long interview with me, which ranges over everything from my writing process, to free markets and externalities, to the idea of “boy” stories. It was a fun conversation. They also have a review of PUMP SIX which opens with, “There is no shortage of talented writers […]

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Publishers Weekly Starred Review

February 17, 2008

PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES got a starred review from Publishers Weekly. They say: “Bacigalupi’s stellar first collection of 10 stories displays the astute social commentary and consciousness-altering power of the very best short form science fiction” … “Deeply thought provoking, Bacigalupi’s collected visions of the future are equal parts cautionary tale, social and political […]

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Denver Post loves PUMP SIX

February 6, 2008

Got a really good review from Fred Cleaver at The Denver Post for PUMP SIX. I know I shouldn’t let this stuff affect me, but I still feel shiny.

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Locus Reviews PUMP SIX

February 3, 2008

I just noticed that Locus has posted Gary K. Wolfe’s really quite amazing review of PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES online.

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