Fantastic Reviews Interview and Review

March 10, 2008

Aaron Hughes over at Fantastic Reviews has a very long interview with me, which ranges over everything from my writing process, to free markets and externalities, to the idea of “boy” stories. It was a fun conversation. They also have a review of PUMP SIX which opens with, “There is no shortage of talented writers […]

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Publishers Weekly Interview

February 21, 2008

Publishers Weekly has an interview with me up on their site. It’s a bit trimmed from the original conversation, but they do a good job of cutting to the chase. And their headline is astonishingly, indeed, almost embarrassingly generous. A starred review, and I’m a prophet… My ego expands– and then shrivels when I’m reminded […]

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Interview on WIRED Science

January 26, 2008

I’m interviewed on PBS’ WIRED Science blog today ( So far, two parts are posted: Part 1, where I talk about writing generally, my bio, my writing background, and Harlan Ellison. Part 2, where I start ranting about sustainability and why I write the stuff I write. So far, my favorite comment is from a […]

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LOCUS Interview

July 2, 2007

I’m interviewed in the July 2007 edition of LOCUS Magazine. Here’s the link: It was a pretty wide-ranging conversation with Charles and Liza, and I had a lot of fun talking with them.

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