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WINDUP GIRL nominated for the Hugo Award

April 9, 2010

Just like the headline says, THE WINDUP GIRL has made the final ballot for the Hugo Award, along with a very strong slate of other works. It’s been a wild ride with TWG, and I want to thank everyone who read the book and liked it enough to vote for it. When we launched it […]

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Neal Stephenson and perseverance

October 2, 2008

WIRED has an excellent article on Neal Stephenson’s latest book, ANATHEM. The book sounds like a good read, but buried in the article was an informative bit of Stephenson’s back story that I wanted to pull out. His early books, a satire about big universities and an eco-thriller, were well received but not huge sellers. […]

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Economic Meltdown vs. Global Meltdown

October 1, 2008

Pop Quiz: which of these is more important? A. The banking industry is in free fall and the problem is spreading. B. There’s methane bubbling out of the Arctic. To me, the really interesting thing about this period in history is the amount of uncertainty over what story lines will dominate our lives, moving forward. […]

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NY Times on Arthur C. Clark

March 23, 2008

This must be my fifteen minutes of fame. I’m quoted along with Charles Stross, Walter Jon Williams, and Ian McDonald. Nifty.

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Optimistic CO2 Sci-Fi

March 10, 2008

Here’s my take on writing optimistic SF— just don’t make it consolatory pap. That’s what advertising, TV and suburban sprawl are supposed to sell. As an example, here’s the latest on the global warming front. (note: the link is changed to point directly to the Washington Post article as the MSNBC version expired) No big […]

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Scalzi on SFWA

February 18, 2008

John Scalzi has a wonderful rant about SFWA and Andrew Burt’s candidacy for president posted on his site. I also like what Charlie Finlay adds in the comments, by describing some of the problems SFWA faces beyond certain candidates themselves. I myself let my SFWA membership lapse this year. It seemed like the organization couldn’t […]

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