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mass turkey carnage…

October 14, 2008

And no, Thanksgiving didn’t arrive early. I got this email from a friend who lives nearby: “We had mass carnage at the turkey farm yesterday…Dave and I went out early in the morning to walk the dog and feed the turkeys and found a gruesome scene. Something got into the turkey pen. No clue as […]

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Crystal Meth House: Coda

March 7, 2008

The wonderful folks from Crystal Meth House have moved away. Rumor has it that they were foreclosed on, that that they left the house in shambles (broken windows, destroyed lawn, etc)…. and that they also apparently stripped it bare, to the extent of removing the furnace and the kitchen, cabinets and all. I’m still waiting […]

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Crystal Meth House (last post, I swear)

March 22, 2007

So, one of my other neighbors finally called the cops on crystal meth house. Everyone on the block is sick of them, but everyone’s afraid of them, as well. The fine gentleman who called the cops finally got fed up with them cranking their car stereo in the middle of the street. Their car was […]

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family values

March 20, 2007

So, more on my neighbors. My friends and I used to joke and call them “crystal meth house” because they have all their windows hung with curtains 24/7 and they’re either skinny like skeletons or hung over. And they sleep really late, even though they’ve got a 1-year old and 4-year old. Suspicious, no? The […]

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good fences…

March 19, 2007

My son and I were walking back from the park yesterday, and a couple of our neighbor’s dogs came out onto the sidewalk and started barking and growling at us. I picked up my kid and tried to carry him past, but the dogs circled us and one of them jumped up and nipped at […]

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