green technology

One fast sail boat

October 7, 2008

l’Hydroptere has broken through the 50-knot barrier with a hydrofoil-packing trimaran. Cool stuff.

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Stealing Solar

September 24, 2008

Interesting window into how increasing demand affects behavior. Solar panels are now being stolen. In a really scarce energy society, I wonder how far you’d have to go to keep your solar panels for yourself?

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Optimistic CO2 Sci-Fi

March 10, 2008

Here’s my take on writing optimistic SF— just don’t make it consolatory pap. That’s what advertising, TV and suburban sprawl are supposed to sell. As an example, here’s the latest on the global warming front. (note: the link is changed to point directly to the Washington Post article as the MSNBC version expired) No big […]

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A return to the Age of Sail

January 26, 2008

If there’s a technology that actually gets my geek on, it’s sail. It’s non-polluting, it’s elegant, and it’s a proven technology, particularly for transport. So I’m rather excited about this news item related to a return to the use of wind with something called a SkySail, a sort of giant kite that tows a ship. […]

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