Tangled Lands - by Paolo Bacigalupi & Tobias Buckell

Tangled Lands

By ajdesigns / April 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Tangled Lands

Description Khaim, The Blue City, is the last remaining city in a crumbled empire that overly relied upon magic until it became toxic. It is run by a tyrant known as The Jolly Mayor and his devious right hand, the last archmage in the world. Together they try to collect all the magic for themselves […]

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Tool of War by Paolo Bacigalupi

Tool of War

By stefanie / December 14, 2017 / Comments Off on Tool of War

This third book in a major series by a bestselling science fiction author, Printz Award winner, and National Book Award finalist is the gripping, eerily prescient story of the most provocative character from his acclaimed novels Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities. Description Tool, a half-man/half-beast designed for combat, is capable of so much more than his creators had […]

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The Water Knife

By stefanie / January 30, 2015 / Comments Off on The Water Knife

Paolo Bacigalupi, New York Times-Bestselling author and National Book Award Finalist, dives once again onto our uncertain future with his first thriller for adults since his multi-award winning debut phenomenon The Windup Girl. Description In the American Southwest, Nevada, Arizona, and California skirmish for dwindling shares of the Colorado River. Into the fray steps Angel Velasquez, detective, […]

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The Doubt Factory Cover

The Doubt Factory

By Paolo / September 27, 2014 / Comments Off on The Doubt Factory

In this contemporary thriller, National Book Award Finalist and New York Times bestselling author Paolo Bacigalupi explores the timely issue of how public information is distorted for monetary gain, and how those who exploit it must be stopped. Everything Alix knows about her life is a lie. At least that’s what a mysterious young man who’s stalking her […]

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Ship Breaker

By stefanie / October 8, 2013 / Comments Off on Ship Breaker

(2010, Little, Brown Books) Awards and Accolades 2011: Won the Michael L. Printz Award 2010: Nominated for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature 2011: Won the Locus Award For Best Young Adult Book 2010: Nominated for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy 2010: Nominated for the Cybils Award […]

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The Drowned Cities

By stefanie / October 8, 2013 / Comments Off on The Drowned Cities

(2012, Little, Brown Books) Awards and Accolades 2012: Listed in Kirkus Reviews Best of YA 2012: Listed in VOYA’s Perfect Ten 2012: Nominee for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize 2012: Listed in Los Angeles Public Library Best Teen Books 2013: Listed in YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2013: Listed in CBC at Bank […]

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