PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES in trade paperback


So, a funny thing happened with my debut short story collection. One day, there were a couple thousand copies sitting in Night Shade Books’ warehouse. The next day, they were sold out. And then they turned into a very expensive collectible. The last I saw, a used hardcover was going for around $100, and signed first editions were much more.

Which is kind of cool. Unless you actually want to read the thing.

It’s taken a little while, but I can now announce that PUMP SIX is coming back into print, in a trade paperback edition for the very affordable price of $14.95. I just got my author’s copies of the book, and it looks lovely, and that also means that it’s making its way into stores now. Should be fully distributed in the near future.

And if you just can’t wait, I gather that Borderlands Books in San Francisco already has copies in hand.