SHIP BREAKER, my debut YA novel is out in the wild. I heard that it’s been popping up in stores over the last week, but now it’s officially released. Here’s the book, with my son doing the heavy lifting:

SHIP BREAKER was a chance for me to write a high-octane adventure story while still touching on themes like peak oil and global warming that fascinate me. It focuses on Nailer, a boy working scavenge on a ship breaking operation, tearing apart the last oil tankers and freighters of the Accelerated Age. It’s dirty, deadly work, and he and the rest of his crew are always one failed quota away from being kicked back to the beaches to starve. But out on the ocean, Nailer can see beautiful high-tech clipper ships sailing past–a new life, fast and clean and free. If only he can find a way to get out to it.

The book just picked up a Starred Review in Publishers Weekly and it’s been made a selection of the Junior Library Guild.