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Posted on Apr 9, 2010 in News, science fiction, The Windup Girl | 3 comments

WINDUP GIRL nominated for the Hugo Award

Just like the headline says, THE WINDUP GIRL has made the final ballot for the Hugo Award, along with a very strong slate of other works.

It’s been a wild ride with TWG, and I want to thank everyone who read the book and liked it enough to vote for it. When we launched it at last year’s World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal, I didn’t dream it would be a candidate for this sort of attention.

So, again, thank you thank you thank you, and congratulations to all the other nominees. It’s an honor to be in such fine company.


  1. I have not finished reading The Windup Girl yet, but I just had to say that I love this book! It is the first book I have read in quite some time that has kept me up reading way past bedtime! Keep them coming!

  2. My fingers are crossed to the point of breaking for you. Absolutely brilliant novel!

  3. i just finished ‘the windup girl’ this morning. excellent book. pkd would love it.