THE WINDUP GIRL for Kindle (and every other eBook reader, too)


I’ve been getting enough questions about a Kindle/eBook version of THE WINDUP GIRL that I thought I’d post this here:

THE WINDUP GIRL *does indeed* have a Kindle version available, but not through Amazon. sells the eBook of WINDUP GIRL and it’s compatible with everything from Kindle and iPad/iPhone/Touch/ to Nook and Sony. You can get it for just $6 and it’s DRM-free:

Purchase THE WINDUP GIRL in eBook format

Also, PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES has completely sold out in hardcover (except one last signed copy lurking in my local bookstore here in Paonia, hee hee). A trade paperback will be released in December, but for those of you who read eBooks, there’s no need to wait. The eBook edition is available at, same deal as above: $6, DRM-free.

Purchase PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES as an eBook.

So if you’ve got a Kindle or a Nook or an iPhone or an iPad or whatever your digital reader of choice might be, yes, you *can* get digital versions of my books.