WINDUP GIRL and “The Gambler” nominated for the Nebula Award


Once again, behind on blog updates:

THE WINDUP GIRL has been nominated for the Nebula Award, and to top it off, my novelette, “The Gambler,” is also a nominee. You can read “The Gambler” free over at PYR Books’ website. It’s a great honor to be nominated, made doubly so by the high quality of the novels and stories that are in competition for the award.

In other WINDUP GIRL news, a couple of other rave reviews have come in:

Boing Boing’s Cory Doctorow: “…an exciting story about industrial espionage, civil war, and political struggle, filled with heart-thudding action sequences, sordid sex, and enough technical speculation for two lesser novels.”

SF (Four Stars): “Grimy post-ecocrunch near-future dystopia in which peak oil peaked ages ago, and the most cherished source of energy is measured in the tightly regulated calories… If you like worldbuilding, this novel’s vision… makes Blade Runner look like it was shot on plywood backdrops in someone’s garage”