Should Fiction Writers Write About Politics?


I just posted some of my problems with the Sarah Palin vp pick and Aaron posed this interesting question:

Serious question, Paolo: Do you think authors blogging about their views on the election can undercut their fiction?

It is very difficult to experience the fiction of Orson Scott Card or John Scalzi the same way after reading their political posts. Catherynne Valente is a brilliant writer, and I am trying so hard to forget the rant on her blog where she fervently wished that a falling tree would crush John McCain’s skull.

No political commentary I have ever read has caused me to question my worldview as much as reading “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” by Ursula LeGuin. But I wonder if that story would have lost some of its effectiveness if I had read it alongside a blogpost by LeGuin listing reasons to vote for Jimmy Carter.

I posted my own answer here, but I’m wondering what other people’s perspective is on this?