I-CON Science Fiction Convention


I’ll be going out to I-CON this weekend at Stonybrook University and I’ve got my schedule from the organizers. Lots of stuff to do:

The Essence of Pure SF: what exactly is it?
Bacigalupi(M), Bear, Malzberg, J VanderMeer, Calvin
Fri, 7 S302

Sat 11-12 Signing

SF Kaleidoscope: SF as a Lens on the Past and Future
Bacigalupi(M), Malzberg, Collins, Kyle, Videbaek
Sat, 3 S311

Bad Stories from Good Writers: what can be learned?
Malzberg(M), Bacigalupi, McGarry, Buchanan, Williams
Sat 4, S311
(topic suggested by Barry Malzberg, based on an idea from Alice Sheldon)

Horror As Social Commentary-in many media, notably fiction and film, the horror story is used to explore and/or explain real-life horrors

Madonia(M), Gordon, Freedman, Bacigalupi
Sun, 11 S311

Where Writers Fear to Tread? Economic, Environmental and Cultural Issues left unexplored
Bacigalupi(M), Spinrad, Malzberg, Macdonald, Beagle
Sun, 12 S302

Lies and Myths About Getting Published-a surprising take on “accepted” ideas about publishing
Rosenberg(M), Crawford, Bacigalupi, Gorinsky, Bilmes
Sun, 2 S302