One step closer to Cheshires…


Tip of the hat to Lou Anders who passed me this link; they’ve made glow-in-the-dark cats in Korea.

When I wrote “The Calorie Man” this questionable little trick had been performed on rabbits. It provided the creative spark for Cheshires, and also formed the basis for the grain-sniffing IP enforcement dogs that show up in the beginning of the story. Two sides of the same coin: one animal that had been successfully (and safely) engineered, one that hadn’t.

Now that we’ve got glow cats, it just seems like a matter of time before some designer GM critter makes it into the wild, either because it escapes captivity, or because some dingwad dumps it off on a highway somewhere when the novelty wears off. It won’t happen this year. Or next year. Or the year after that, probably. But still, it has to happen. Genies like this were meant to get out of the bottle.