Thankful for…


Mostly, I’m a cynical bastard about holidays. I feel irritated and manipulated by them. So when someone tells me I should be thankful, right here, right now, my knee-jerk response is something along the lines of “screw you.”

That said, the holiday comes at serendipitous time because I just happen to be thankful for a couple of things:

1) I’m thankful that my wife wasn’t seriously hurt or killed in her car crash.
2) I’m thankful that I’m spending most of my days writing, instead of, you know, working.
3) I’m thankful that my son is almost four, because he’s way more fun and interesting than when he was almost three, or two, or — ugh — one. I’m really really thankful he’s not one anymore.
4) I’m thankful that my best friend lives down the block from me, and that another works in an office across the hall from me, and that I’m married to another.
5) I’m thankful that I have so many best friends.
6) I’m thankful that I’m the one who made the salad for Thanksgiving dinner, because no one else would do it right.
7) I’m thankful that I’ve met so many cool and interesting people in the SF/F field over the last few years.
8) I’m thankful that my life is so different from what it was two months ago, and that I still get to take some risks with it.
9) I’m thankful that I’m going to finish a novel this year. (I will. Honest.)
10) …

The list goes on. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.