SF Mags V – An SF magazine for girls?


Okay, after I posted my suggested boy teen focused sf marketing experiment Armored Magazine as a way of growing a new short sf mag’s circulation, Shara Saunsaucie, noting with exquisite politeness the almost inherently sexist premise of Armored, posted a question about what a teen girl focused magazine might look like.

And my answer was that I have no idea. With Armored, I can extrapolate from my own boyness and teen experiences to guess what might be marketable. With girls, I’m clueless.

So now I’m wondering if other people have thoughts about what an sf (or f) magazine might look like that targets female youth, in the same way that Armored targets males, and which tries to hook them to short written sf, but which speaks to them in the language of youth today. For boys, I used Halo and military sf as my touchstones to create a concept of a magazine. What would the touchstones be for girls?