Logorrhea: Good Words Make Good Stories



The Logorrhea anthology is now available for pre-orders from Amazon. I’ve got a story in it called “Softer” which is a departure for me, because it isn’t a science fiction story. The idea was to choose a winning word from the Scripps National Spelling Bee and compose a story based around it. I chose “macerate.”

I’ve already read a couple of the other pieces, and it should be a good read. Here’s the list of contributors:

  • Hal Duncan – “The Chiaroscurist”
  • Liz Williams – “Lyceum”
  • David Prill – “Vivisepulture”
  • Clare Dudman – “Eczema”
  • Alex Irvine – “Semaphore”
  • Marly Youmans – “The Smaragdine Knot”
  • Michael Moorcock – “A Portrait in Ivory”
  • Daniel Abraham – “The Cambist and Lord Iron: A Fairy Tale of Economics”
  • Michelle Richmond – “Logorrhea”
  • Anna Tambour – “Pococurante”
  • Tim Pratt – “From Around Here”
  • Elizabeth Hand – “Vignette”
  • Alan DeNiro – “Plight of the Sycophant”
  • Matthew Cheney – “The Last Elegy”
  • Jay Caselberg – “Eudaemonic”
  • Paolo Bacigalupi – “Softer”
  • Jay Lake – “Crossing the Seven”
  • Leslie What – “Tsuris”
  • Neil Williamson – “The Euonymist”
  • Theodora Goss – “Singing of Mount Abora”
  • Jeff VanderMeer – “Appoggiatura”