Science Scouts!


Check out the Order Of The Science Scouts Of Exemplary Repute And Above Average Physique

Members are:

– not opposed to alcohol.

– fond of IPCC reports (especially the pictures).

– mostly in agreement with the “truth.”

– into badges.

– grieving for the slow and miserable death of the Hubble Space Telescope.

– possibly possessed of supernatural powers.

– not in the business of total world domination

– committed to the constant and diligent presentation of science stories, be it to editors, producers, directors, educators, relatives and/or friends of various ilk, in an effort to lessen the gap that is this thing we call public scientific literacy.

We need more of these guys. And they have groovy merit badges.

I’m wondering if SF writers can get some kind of honorary membership, because eventually I want to qualify for this badge:
organs badge

Or else this one:

But I already qualify for this one: