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Requests that involve my time…

Unfortunately, if you have a request that takes me away from writing, it probably means that I’ll have to respectfully decline. I have become overwhelmed with requests, and if I’m busy doing talks and traveling, I don’t get my writing done. In general, this means I simply have to say:


Some examples of this in action….

Would you read my novel? Would you consider writing a blurb for it?
Unfortunately, I’m not accepting any blurb requests at this time.

– Please do not contact me directly about your book (ie on Facebook), as I will automatically decline.

– Please do not send books to me that I haven’t requested, as they will be disposed of without being read.

Are you available to speak to my book group, or at my school, university or library in person?
No. While I’m flattered that you would consider inviting me, travel and speaking engagements are distracting. I’m focusing only on my writing these days.

Are you available to speak to my book group, or at my school, university or library via Skype?
No. Again, while I’m flattered that you would consider inviting me, I am focused entirely on writing.

Are you available to write a short story for XYZ anthology/magazine/__?
Unfortunately, I’m swamped with other deadlines and am not taking on any short story work.

Would you send me a signed photo?
Ahem. No. I don’t have any photos to send.

Will you sign books or bookplates if I send them to you and pay the return postage?
Unfortunately, I longer sign books or book plates via mail.

Other Questions With More Interesting Answers:

How do you pronounce Paolo Bacigalupi?
TeachingBooks.net has a recording of me saying my name: http://www.teachingbooks.net/pronounce.cgi?aid=13340

Is there an educator guide or study questions available for Ship Breaker?
Yes! Little, Brown has created an official Ship Breaker study guide. There are also several other study guides that independent teachers and librarians have created around the web. Googling should turn them up.

Are signed books available?
I’m not selling signed books directly. However, Townie Books of Crested Butte often has signed books. They’re a fantastic indy bookstore, and owners Arvin and Danica may be able to help you out.

The last time I checked, they had the following signed books in stock:

Ship Breaker, Trade Paperback
The Drowned Cities, Hardback
Pump Six & Other Stories, Trade Paperback
The Windup Girl, Trade Paperback

You can find Townie Books at http://www.towniebookscb.com/. You can contact Arvin and Danica via their contact page regarding my signed books at: http://www.towniebookscb.com/contact-us.html