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Fantastic Reviews Interview and Review

Posted on Mar 10, 2008 in Interviews, News, Pump Six and Other Stories, Reviews |

Aaron Hughes over at Fantastic Reviews has a very long interview with me, which ranges over everything from my writing process, to free markets and externalities, to the idea of “boy” stories. It was a fun conversation. They also have a review of PUMP SIX which opens with, “There is no shortage of talented writers in the science fiction genre today, but there are all too few who matter.” And they give it a 9/10....

Publishers Weekly Interview

Posted on Feb 21, 2008 in Interviews, News |

Publishers Weekly has an interview with me up on their site. It’s a bit trimmed from the original conversation, but they do a good job of cutting to the chase. And their headline is astonishingly, indeed, almost embarrassingly generous. A starred review, and I’m a prophet… My ego expands– and then shrivels when I’m reminded that I still haven’t finished a certain novel. Ah well. Back to...

Interview on WIRED Science

Posted on Jan 26, 2008 in Interviews, News | 1 comment

I’m interviewed on PBS’ WIRED Science blog today ( So far, two parts are posted: Part 1, where I talk about writing generally, my bio, my writing background, and Harlan Ellison. Part 2, where I start ranting about sustainability and why I write the stuff I write. So far, my favorite comment is from a guy who wishes they were interviewing Charlie Stross. UPDATE: Part 3 is up. I gab about how I wrote “The Calorie Man,” about putting together a short story collection, and what I’m planning next. I sure do talk a...

LOCUS Interview

Posted on Jul 2, 2007 in Interviews, News | 2 comments

I’m interviewed in the July 2007 edition of LOCUS Magazine. Here’s the link: It was a pretty wide-ranging conversation with Charles and Liza, and I had a lot of fun talking with...