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EcoGeek Interview crops up on io9

Posted on Apr 7, 2009 in Interviews, News | 16 comments

I give an interview over at where I display all of my tact and verbal discipline (LOL) to talk about green technologies and my jaundiced views of the future. A sample bit: As environmental ideas have entered the zeigeist, mostly thanks to global warming–and still mostly focused on that issue–plenty of technology companies are lining up to tell us how they’re helping green/save/clean the environment. Advertising agencies and PR firms are delighted to sell us any number of “green” gizmos and they’re throwing in some nice self-esteem blowjobs for all of us, using their persuasive talents to assure us that we’re enlightened and forward thinking because we just...

I’m on NPR!

Posted on Jun 29, 2008 in Interviews, News, Pump Six and Other Stories | 2 comments

NPR’s Weekend Edition featured me this morning. I wasn’t actually awake for the four-minute event (Arjun slept in, for once), but thanks to the glory of the intertubes, it’s now available for late risers. The segment focuses on my collection Pump Six and Other Stories along with my somewhat bumpy writing career. Also featured are Michelle Nijhuis, the environmental journalist whose reporting has inspired a lot of my writing, and Jeremy Lassen, my fine publisher at Night Shade...