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Going to MileHi Con

Posted on Oct 20, 2006 in Appearances | 2 comments

I’ll be in Denver for MileHiCon in another week, Oct. 27-29. I’m on a couple panels about breaking into short fiction markets and workshopping stories, doing a reading early on the first day, and then just trying to get into a lot of trouble. Looking forward to hanging out with Daniel Abraham, Carrie Vaughn and Rob Sawyer, among various others. Carrie is going to buy me a...

Worldcon thoughts

Posted on Aug 30, 2006 in Appearances | 5 comments

Went to Worldcon. It was both exciting and exhausting. Obviously, I lost the novelette Hugo to Peter Beagle, (and Cory Doctorow, and Howard Waldrop), but was content to see Beagle win, and was pleased to be in such excellent company on the ballot (Yes, it is an honor just to be nominated). Good things about the con: Seeing: Carrie Vaughn, Daniel Abraham, Lou Anders, Rob Sawyer, Gordon, JJA, Sheila Williams, Brian Bienowski (sp?), Jay Lake, The Nightshade posse, Liza, Jonathan Strahan, Jim Minz, Jim Frenkel, Toby Buckell, and on and on and on and on which leads to… The bad thing about the con: Too little time to connect...

Headed for Worldcon

Posted on Jul 23, 2006 in Appearances | 2 comments

I just made my tickets for L.A. Con IV, in Anaheim CA, from Aug 23-27. I didn’t go to last year’s Worldcon even though I was a nominee because it was just too expensive to go to Glasgow, so I’m excited that this one is a little closer to home. Woo...