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Posted on Sep 27, 2010 in News, Pump Six and Other Stories | 9 comments

PUMP SIX AND OTHER STORIES in trade paperback

So, a funny thing happened with my debut short story collection. One day, there were a couple thousand copies sitting in Night Shade Books’ warehouse. The next day, they were sold out. And then they turned into a very expensive collectible. The last I saw, a used hardcover was going for around $100, and signed first editions were much more.

Which is kind of cool. Unless you actually want to read the thing.

It’s taken a little while, but I can now announce that PUMP SIX is coming back into print, in a trade paperback edition for the very affordable price of $14.95. I just got my author’s copies of the book, and it looks lovely, and that also means that it’s making its way into stores now. Should be fully distributed in the near future.

And if you just can’t wait, I gather that Borderlands Books in San Francisco already has copies in hand.


  1. Couldn’t have had anything to do with Windup winning so many awards, could it? ;-) I’m glad I got my copy when I did.

    That being said, I’m super happy to see it back it print. People deserve to read these stories, which in my opinion, constitute a collection that ranks in my top three best single author collections ever.

    Thanks Paolo! And thanks to also NS for making it happen.

    P.S. I’m also really looking forward to The Alchemist. It sounds like a cool concept you and Toby have dreamed up. You should post about the book soon! I’d be interested in reading what you have to say about it. That and to let people know (since the limited is already sold out)!

  2. I read a library copy and then bought the Kindle version on Webscriptions.net for keeping. Your first sold story there is still my favorite but then I grew up in Gibson too and am a Buddhist.

  3. $100, really? I had no idea. Oh wow I’ve got one of the PSOS hardcovers – I’m rich I tells you, rich!

    If I was a flint-eyed type of guy I’d immediately buy a webscription ebook copy and sell my hardback copy soonest for a nice profit. But I have no flinty eye, alas. I’ll probably just buy the Webscription copy anyway and put the hardback away (carefully!) in my bookcase and hope the Bacigalupi Bubble will continue to inflate for a while yet… ;-)

  4. Just ordered a copy of the trade paperback. Excited to check a new single-author collection after really digging Tobias Buckell’s Tides from the New Worlds.

    I couldn’t believe the hardcover prices on Amazon. $400.00 for a book! Guess the stories must be good. :-)

  5. Picked up my copy at a local bookstore. Thrilled to read more after being introduced to your writing in The Windup Girl. Love your writing, settings, and characters. Thanks.

  6. I’m being slightly over-indulgent right now and having some very talented narrators read this mindblowing book to me before I fall asleep at night. (bought and downloaded it from audible) And while the going rate may well be $100.00, these stories, to me, are priceless. I LOVE your work. Thank you so much for writing your wonderful stories!

  7. Wow! Just killed off the family (just kidding) to finish this book “Pump Six”. I brought this book around Halloween on a whim and because flipping through I read the locations these stories were taking place and I was intrigued. Big Time. This is some good writing, O.K.? I love dystopian work but this has some edge of hope however slight. Thanks for that. I felt like I was there in some of these stories…sweating. How do you come up with this stuff? I can see how this could happen. Pump Six and defunct Columbia University? Hah, we are already there. Read it while watching about a certain campus/students response on T.V. about reported child abuse versus the “powerful” Best and Brightest student council president says we needed “guidance” Are you kidding me? You nailed it. Made my hair stand up. If any/all of your stories ever go movie please let M. Night Shyamalan produce it. He’d do it right and he is good at making “hair stand up” movies. Thanks for the sleepless nights… Now what else do you see in your crystal ball?

  8. Hi again,
    Another reason M. Night Shyamalan would be a good choice. I’d love to hear folks in America just go crazy trying to pronounce both of your names in the same sentence.

  9. Just finished reading Pump 6, amazing. Later that day, found this: “http://wrttn.in/04af1a” It’s an anonymous account about institutional amnesia, and how a company was running a chemical plant for upwards a decade without knowing how it worked. Sent chills of recognition down my spine, let me tell you.