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Posted on Sep 5, 2010 in Awards, News, The Windup Girl, Writing | 20 comments

Hugo Award for The Windup Girl

Just got the news this morning that THE WINDUP GIRL has won the Hugo Award for Best Novel. It tied for the win with China Mieville’s excellent The City & The City. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for it. I’m blown away and so pleased with this huge honor.


  1. Congratulations! It’s well deserved!

  2. Huge congratulations, Paolo! Very well deserved, and I’m writing this 5.30 AM Melbourne time coming back from a pub drinking/discussion session celebrating both China Miéville’s shared win (with the man himself) and China’s 38th Birthday.

    Wish you were there to celebrate along! Hope to see you at World Fantasy!

  3. Congratulations!

  4. Congratulations! Very happy to see this.

  5. Paolo! I am so happy for you. Sending you and your crew a big hug. Hope we can catch up soon.

  6. Congratulations on the award, but even more so for an extraordinary creation.

  7. Congratulations on the Hugo win. I just picked the book up and was a few chapters in when I read this news.

    I draw & write stories as my day job. Been sketching from this book. Grew up in Manila, visited Thailand, so the images and textures were welcome territories you conjured for this reader. Thank you.

  8. Thanks everyone. It’s been a wild ride.

  9. I had been itching to read this for some time and am finally emersed in your creation. Wonderful stuff. Congratulations on the dizzying pile of awards and accolades that continues to grow!

  10. Congratulations on the award from Serbian publisher.

  11. The same couple who originally turned me on to Mieville turned me on to “The Windup Girl” earlier this summer. Thanks so much for an amazing, and now Hugo-winning, future.

  12. Congratulations on taking the triple crown (Nebula, Hugo, and Campbell). It is a well-deserved win and is nice to see you in the company of Pohl, Clarke, and Haldeman, the only others who have achieved this.

  13. Congratulations!

    I was both surprised & pleased with the result; I had great difficulty separating “The Windup Girl” from “The City & the City” in my voting form.

  14. Congratulations Paolo. Your grandmother Jean would be so proud of you. She always said you were destined for something special.

  15. Just finished Windup and loved it. Read People of sand and slag before it, and I noticed how Windup seems to end and leads into the future of “sand and slag”s highly engineered people.
    the short story sand and slag could easily be a movie or expanded into a full novel. I would love to learn more about the far future of the earth and human engineering and weavals. Maybe i need to read more of your stories to get these answers. :D

  16. Just finished reading Windup Girl last night. The book was amazing, and i cold visualize the whole thing like it were a movie. Here’s hopeing Hollywood hunts you down Bacigalupi. Seeing The Windup Girl in theaters would be a million times for amazing (and deserving) than all of the Twilight movies, video game movies, and Final Destination sequels combined.

  17. I just finished Windup Gurl, and I haven’t read a book that great since Dune. The visual tapestry it invoked in my mind was so mesmerizing, I have been telling all my friends about it.

    I just pray that “if” Hollywood gets a hold of it, they do it justice. It’s too great a novel to get a sucky movie made from it.


  18. Having just finished reading your book after picking it up at a bookstore, I congratulate you. As someone who not only lives in Malaysia but also works in the oil and gas industry, your vision troubles me deeply, not because it poses very disturbing ‘what if’ questions, but provokes me into thinking ‘when this happens’…

  19. The Windup Girl was totally fascinating. Paolo, I have a question for you. The original 1956 classic Godzilla also had, as a central figure, a girl named Emiko. Did you get the Windup girl’s name from the classic movie?


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