Fiction by Paolo Bacigalupi

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  1. Stunning. Can’t wait to get my copy.

  2. Awesome. Then you can sign my copy!

  3. Sexy. Very nice.

  4. Paolo, congrats. Awesome looking cover. I want a signed copy, too! How do I do it?

  5. Hope they do better by you than they did for Matthew Hughes or Liz Williams, who have both had novels “almost out” for a year or more. Hughes has publicly stated that the disorganization at his publisher is at fault for the unavailability of his third novel in a series.

  6. That’s freakin’ amazing, Paolo! Congrats! I would totally pick up a book with that cover, even if I didn’t know you/ how good you are!

  7. Beautiful! Can’t wait to read it to find out what the fuss was all about.

  8. Fantastic! I can’t wait to get it pal.

  9. Well, it almost didn’t make it to Montreal, or rather, the books were misplaced between the hotel and the Palais de Congres. Thankfully, they were found by a convention staff member, and return to your publisher.

    And as a happy side affect, I was given a copy for my (small) part in the rescue. I am pleased to say that as a result, my partner (who is reading it as I write this) has declared you “the best new author he has come across since Charles Stross.” Given his tendency to give any new book about 50 pages before either putting it down, or trying to read everything the author has written, and given that he is now on page 118, I would call it high praise.

  10. So you’re the one who saved us! Thanks so much for the help. I couldn’t believe how fast the books sold out after they were located, but yeah, it was a near disaster. You rock. Seriously. It made all the difference at the con to have the books rolling out.

    And I’m so glad your partner is liking The Windup Girl. That’s high praise indeed.


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