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Posted on Jul 3, 2009 in News, The Windup Girl, Writing | 6 comments

Cover art for The Windup Girl

I’m blown away by the cover art that’s come in for The Windup Girl. Hats off to Night Shade Books, and Raphael Lacoste, the artist.

Windup Girl Cover ARt

Can’t wait for the September release.


  1. You should be blown away – that’s a very fine cover!

  2. Wow. That’s kind of made of awesome, isn’t it?

  3. Beautiful. Absolutely perfect.
    If somewhat familiar…

  4. Oh, that’s beautiful Paolo! It evokes the setting wonderfully, and is very different than the images I had in mind….

  5. Dude, that is the wet dream cover for any aspiring author. I must have the poster! (Seriously, where can I buy a poster?)


  6. As a designer I was really impressed by the cover; I love dystopian, grungy works about near and plausible futures, so very Blade Runner and William Gibson’s Sprawl Series. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your book yet, (it hasn’t reached Manila, as far as I know) but can’t wait much longer; I might have to order it from Amazon otherwise. One question: the theme reminds me of the “meat-puppets” that were minor plot points in Gibson’s trilogy. Was Windup Girl an expansion of this idea in any way? I mean this as a compliment; Gibson could have explored this angle himself (although Mona Lisa Overdrive did come close), but didn’t really delve into it to the extent that you have. What you did is brilliant.


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