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Posted on Oct 18, 2008 in Blog, food, politics | 2 comments

anecdotal evidence of economic meltdown

Living in the middle of nowhere, it sometimes feels like we’re insulated from larger national events. Housing values in our part of Colorado have actually remained fairly stable, etc. But I’ve just heard about a couple of friends, one a software developer at a major software company who has been laid off, and the other, a magazine editor at a magazine that’s currently on the ropes because of advertising losses, and I can see the chinks appearing in the illusion of stability that I’ve created for myself. So far, we’re still fairly unaffected personally, but I’m starting to have little economic apocalypse fantasies.

I guess we’ll know if things are really bad when we start raising chickens for meat and eggs. Do other people out there also see little bits of the economy falling apart? What’s happening out there?


  1. I am looking forward to replies to ehi sfrom people in the US.

    Here in New Zealand, nothing noticeable. No bank failures, no layoffs. I hear mortgages are getting harder to acquire, but that is just rumour.

  2. Here in Massachusetts you can see the effects if you are paying attention:

    – “For sale” signs in front of homes (some of which have been covered up by “for rent” signs)
    – empty homes
    – stalled construction projects (still)
    – empty store fronts (particularly the empty space Linens N Things once occupied)
    – abandoned car dealerships
    – less traffic during rush hour on the highways (this was immediately noticeable in 2008)
    – $60,000+ vehicles now appearing in the Market Basket lot (Market Basket is a supermarket chain with very low prices and is ideal for “people (read:freak) watching”)

    All this, of course, is just off the top of my head…