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Posted on Oct 14, 2008 in Blog, politics | 3 comments

obama advertises on Xbox


obama in xbox

via Andew Sullivan.

The actual ad in the game is a reminder that early voting has started. Not message oriented at all. Mobilization oriented to a demographic he has been cultivating.


  1. Will they pay attention and actually get out to vote?

  2. One stereotype about young people is that they are a bunch of stoned/video game obsessed/music stupid kids who can barely move their lips without assistance, let alone do something as complicated as voting on election day.

    The other version is that young people are passionate, engaged, and–unlike cynical older people–still willing to let their ideals guide them to action.

    I’ve met both types, but personally, my thinking is that if they bothered to register, I suspect the majority of them will also bother to vote. Just like the rest of us.