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Posted on Oct 13, 2008 in Blog, misc | 3 comments

glass-topped stoves

dumbest consumer “improvement” ever.

1) anything that spills over the pot automatically burns on the glass.
2) any water underneath a kettle causes the kettle to magically levitate and slide off the burner as the water turns to steam.
3) it’s not as hot as a traditional coil stove.
4) it’s not as adjustable as a gas stove.

Dumb in all ways. But hey, it looks so snazzy.


  1. We recently got a glass cooktop, too. (There aren’t a lot of options if your kitchen isn’t equipped for gas, are there?) We’re not wild about it, either, although we haven’t had the problem of containers sliding off because of steam. But yours isn’t as hot as a coil burner? I think ours is.

  2. It’s definitely cooler than our old coil stove. Water takes longer to boil, and we were just doing a bunch of canning and pickling and the canning pot took an insanely long time to heat up and to maintain a boil.

    The kettle thing might just be our kettle, I haven’t tested with other people’s. But whenever there’s any water underneath it… pfhfttt. Off the burner it slides. Drives me nuts.

  3. I can’t stand ours. We’ve had two, and I’ve hated both of them. They’re hard to clean–at least with the old coil kinds, you could buy new trays if they got too disgusting. I even bought a doohickey that’s supposed to make cleaning the cooktop a breeze. Don’t waste your money!