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Posted on Sep 3, 2008 in News, Pump Six and Other Stories, Reviews | 2 comments

Orion Magazine reviews PUMP SIX

Gavin Grant in his review of PUMP SIX for Orion Magazine coins the term “Bacigalupian.” As in a “grimly satisfying Bacigalupian take on the world.”

Full review is online here.

Bacigalupian. Say that five times fast.

Okay, now try it without the giggling.


  1. BTW, Paolo your name came up when I was talking with a professor here about a creative writing class she was teaching that focuses on environmental writing. (Okay, I brought it up, but she knew your name! And she was already looking at your stories!) I told her your writing was brilliant. You should pay me :)

  2. You rock. I’ve mostly got lint in my pockets and tomatoes in the garden for payment. Which do you prefer?