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I-CON Science Fiction Convention

Posted on Apr 2, 2008 in Appearances | 1 comment

I’ll be going out to I-CON this weekend at Stonybrook University and I’ve got my schedule from the organizers. Lots of stuff to do: The Essence of Pure SF: what exactly is it? Bacigalupi(M), Bear, Malzberg, J VanderMeer, Calvin Fri, 7 S302 Sat 11-12 Signing SF Kaleidoscope: SF as a Lens on the Past and Future Bacigalupi(M), Malzberg, Collins, Kyle, Videbaek Sat, 3 S311 Bad Stories from Good Writers: what can be learned? Malzberg(M), Bacigalupi, McGarry, Buchanan, Williams Sat 4, S311 (topic suggested by Barry Malzberg, based on an idea from Alice Sheldon) Horror As Social Commentary-in many media, notably fiction and film, the horror story is used to...