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Posted on Mar 10, 2008 in Appearances, News, reading | 4 comments

Podcast of “The People of Sand and Slag”

When I was out at SF in SF, Rick Kleffel of the Agony Column recorded my reading of “The People of Sand and Slag.” If you’re one of those people who likes audio, I don’t stumble too much as I read. :-)

Rick also recorded our after-reading panel discussion where Terry Bisson, Carter Scholz and I all wax thoughtful about sf. It was an interesting conversation and the audience had great questions (though they aren’t mic’ed well so you have to crank up the volume and listen carefully to hear them).

And finally, I want to link to Carter Scholz’s reading as well. We only met at the event, and I was sadly ignorant of him going in, but he did an astonishing reading from his book Radiance. I liked it so much I bought the book.


  1. Cool pictures. Thanks for the link. I really wished I had my camera for the Chinese New Year parade.

    On another topic… Are you guys in New Zealand now?

  2. Yes. In Wellington looking for a job and a flat.

  3. That was a very affecting and thought provoking story. I really think that the memory add-ons will become a reality sooner than we might expect!

    best wishes,