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Posted on Mar 4, 2008 in Blog, travel | 2 comments

A friend in Baltimore

I’ve got a friend who moved from our little podunk rural town of Paonia, to the big bad city of Baltimore.

For a taste of his current life, he pointed me to this gem, The Baltimore Crime Blog. If anything, it seems that The Wire is one of those cases where if they told you the whole truth, you’d think they were making it up.

And from the Baltimore Crime Blog, I got linked to Anger Hangover’s More helpful hints for the new drug dealers on my block.



  1. As a native of Bloodymore, Murdaland, I can tell you that The Wire is right on. This city is never as quiet as it is during the hour that The Wire is on because everyone is inside watching it somewhere.

  2. I always wondered. The first thing I asked my friend when he moved was, “Is it really like the Wire?” and then I still didn’t quite believe him when he said yes.