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Posted on Nov 14, 2007 in Blog, Writing | 3 comments

Boot Sector Not Found

Good thing I backed up my novel. Right?



  1. Some day when it hurts less, I’ll tell you the story of my thesis, and why, after turning it in and successfully defending it, I don’t have my master’s degree.

  2. Ouch on both counts.

    The whirring sound on the internet right now is hundreds of writers furiously backing up their notes, stories, novels and email. :-)

  3. You just made me check my Cobian Backup log and, yes, my 8pm backup went through successfully :-)

    Especially important now that I have a new baby — my brother-in-law asked me a few years back for every photo I had of his son because he lost all the 1st 2 years of baby photos due to a hard disk crash!

    (In case anyone is interested to see my baby’s photos, including a photographic “comic strip” story, and lullaby video, I listed it as my website for this post.)