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Posted on Jul 18, 2007 in Blog, Writing | 7 comments

Readercon Post-Mortem and Why Don’t I Blog More

Had a great time at Readercon. It was fantastic to renew a bunch of acquaintances and to meet a whole bunch of new faces. It was fun, it was social, and best of all I’m back at home now feeling much more optimistic about my novel. This book (which I’m setting in the “Yellow Card Man” universe) has been a huge project for me over the last nine months. I was sort of losing heart with it when I went out to Readercon and now I’ve actually got some faith again. Which is great. Absolutely great. The dark clouds have lifted.

Which leads me to the second thing I wanted to let people know about (Hi Shara :-)) . Basically, the book is the reason I’m not blogging much right now. I’ve found that I can pour a huge amount of effort into writing something on the blog and while I like it, and it’s great fun, and it’s wonderfully renewing to be in contact with other people who care about books and writing as much as I do, it also ends up being a process of triage in deciding between whether I blog, or write on my novel, or actually talk with my wife or hang out with my son. So I’ve cut back pretty precipitously on posting so that I can keep my relationship afloat and finish this godawful book. I’m not gone, exactly, but I’m definitely more focused on other things.

This makes me sad in some ways, because I really enjoy the community of people both here on the blog, and around the web, but I’m terrible at multi-tasking. Apparently, I will never be the energy-monkey that someone like John Scalzi is even though I really wish I were (and in occasional fits of megalomania, fantasize that I am). So, I’m still planning on posting here, but I just thought I’d let people know why I seem so absent.

In another three months, I’m hoping things will be different and I’ll be able to resurface again. Cheers!


  1. It’s a pity that you don’t blog more often, but it’s the best excuse as reader could want :) I can only say that I’m eagerly waiting for the masterpiece.

    (And BTW, even though Scalzi seems to be a cool dude and has a couple of good novels, your stories and future scenarios so far are way more complex, and I’m sure eat up a lot more energy to create.)

  2. Hi! :)

    I can’t blame you. A writer friend of mine once said she felt like she had only so many words in her a day, and if she spent them blogging instead of her novel, they were wasted. So I completely understand. I feel that way off-and-on myself.

    And randomly speaking, I just got to PRE-ORDER a short story collection of yours coming from Night Shade Books! Did I miss this announcement? Whatever the case, I am beyond thrilled. Too bad I have to wait until February! :)

    Good luck with your novel. Know that you have many fans (myself included) who can’t wait to read it. Cheers!

  3. Shara – where did you preorder this? I don’t see it on either Night Shade’s website nor on Amazon, and I am so excited for this collection!

    Paolo – just blog between books. Nothing wrong with having publicity/promotion periods in between writing periods.

  4. Paolo- I saw your pretty face on the cover of Locus. Guess that makes you pretty fly for a white guy. Talked to the guys at Locus about it when I was in California. They all say you are very depressing. Love to you and yours. Maybe see you in January, I’ll be in the States.

  5. Paolo, if you finish your book and write more stories, but never blog again, we’ll still come out ahead.

    Rock Paonia!

  6. Hey Paolo,

    I’m 100% for you not posting and working on your book. Somehow when I saw all the similarities in the universe of Yellowcard Man with a few of the others I figured you might be working up to something longer. It’s a great world for it too.

    I saw this news article, and it seemed like something that could fit in one of your stories: