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Posted on Jun 24, 2007 in Appearances, Blog | 15 comments

Going to Readercon 2007

All of sudden, and at the last moment, I’m going to be attending Readercon, out in Burlington, MA, in the early part of July. I’m probably going to be doing a couple panels and also a reading and kaffeeklatch.

http://www.readercon.org/ for details.

I’m looking forward to the event.


  1. At the last moment? Your name has been on the list of attendees for a couple of months, I think.

  2. The idea was there for a while, because we’ve got a wedding that’s happening out there at the same time, but the logistics only fell into place now.

    And now that I look, it appears that you will be there as well. Can it be so?


  3. It can, and it is.

  4. Hey Paolo! See you there! (And you, too, Ted.)

  5. I already told you I would be stalking – I mean – seeing you there. Also on my to-stalk list: Peter Watts, Elizabeth Bear and whoever else I decide to latch on to.

    See you soon!

  6. Stalk-a-rific! Looking forward to meeting you face-to-face.

    Maureen, it will be good to see you, too.

  7. Wish I could be there. :)

    Just read your article in the July 2007 issue of LOCUS. Very impressive. And very compelling. :)

  8. I didn’t know that the LOCUS interview was out, already. I’ll have to look for it when I’m out in Boston.

  9. Be sure to try and hook up with Jason. He will be there, but sadly, I must keep the home fires burning.

  10. Paolo, it was great meeting you at Readercon!

  11. Great to see you at Readercon. Hope you can make it to World Fantasy.

  12. Paolo,

    Yes, great to meet you at Readercon! Suspected from your stories you’d be one intense dude. But in person you show a lighter side not always so evident in your marvelous might-as-well-claw-our-eyes-out-now-and-save-the-near-future-the-trouble fiction.

    And hey, you give terrific kaffeeklatsch!

    Plus I’m so glad you and the ineffable Ted Chiang were able to come to dinner with my bookseller friends. Riding on the floor in the back of Larry Smith’s van with you and Ted was one of the high points of my con. Even somehow managed to keep from sharing this comment I kept recalling — about the all-too-frequent accidents involving similarly unsecured minivan passengers in Thailand — which begins, “It’s like you fill a coffee can with ground glass and rats …”

  13. I was great meeting you all at Readercon. It was actually quite inspiring for me to be there. I came back to writing with renewed optimism about my book, so I got something out of it, too.

    Bob: I love the Thailand minivan reference. Love it. You made my day.

  14. Paolo,

    We live to spread good cheer …