Fiction by Paolo Bacigalupi

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  1. Yay, dammit! I told you already that you rock. You still do :)

  2. Congrats, Paolo! I read the story for the first time yesterday online, and the credit is well-deserved. It’s an amazing story, and you really bring Bangkok of the future to life. This enters the company for me of River of Gods, Bangkok 8, and The King’s Last Song in terms of fiction that well represents Asia, by non-Asian writers. Incredible work, man.

    (And I wish more of your fiction was online!)

  3. Did like Yellow Card Man — just read it. Didn’t like it at first, thought it felt too much like The Calorie Man initially. Readjusted my perspective and found it to be darkly uplifting. Odd but somehow right juxtaposition. Will I see you at the Campbell functions? Hope so. It was good to see you in NYC. Keep up the good work. Mary

  4. I give you: Praise.