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Posted on May 22, 2007 in Blog, writing biz | 8 comments

latest fan mail

I had the pleasure of receiving this bit of fan mail today:

From: Tony Stanley
Subject: re: the people of sand and slag
fuck you

I’ve responded to him, asking him if this is a proposition or an editorial comment, but haven’t heard back yet.


  1. Yeah, it sort of bummed me out, at first. I’m wondering if other writers get this kind of random rage directed at their stories.

  2. Jeez. What a dick. What a pointless thing to do. What it really illustrates is how much of an idiot this guy is. What I would do is put his email address out on the web so some spammer can pick it up and then sell him endless amounts of viagra and nigerian government money.

    A casual googling of the name turns up very little.

    You know, I for one LOVE that story. It made me go out and hunt down everything you’ve written. I’m in the midst of YELLOW CARD MAN and I even had a question about it but forgot it. Oh, I remember! Is the whole coiled spring as energy source your own device or is it something being developed? It’s fascinatingly archaic.

    The guy is obviously some kind of sad loser.

    Chin up, Paolo. Guy’s just a dick. His punishment is being himself.

  3. Well, at least he cared enough to write! :-)

  4. This line – His punishment is being himself – is utterly, utterly true. Seriously, this guys a cretin.

  5. Wow, Paolo! You actually provoked an F-bomb! I had to back into a guy in the Home Depot parking lot to get that reaction :)

    It’s just proof that you rock.

  6. A friend of mine commented that there’s all kinds of crazy out there in the world. Eventually you’re bound to run into a little of it.

    Thanks for the cheering words.

  7. I seriously think that you shouldn’t be anything but proud to have evoked this kind of reaction.
    Clearly the guy’s an idiot/dick (considering what an awesome story that one is!) but provoking such a strong response is just proof that you’re doing something right!