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buy me a democracy!

Posted on Apr 26, 2007 in Blog, politics |

Every so often I start thinking that we have a functioning democracy in the United States. And then something like this crops up, where the guys with the money get to dictate the playing field. The Postal Service will be raising rates by massive proportions on small, independent periodicals, while keeping the rates low for behemoths like Time Warner. Who cares about free speech if you can’t afford to actually send any of it out in the...


Posted on Apr 23, 2007 in watching | 8 comments

So, thanks to my tech-savvy neighbor, I’m all caught up with Heroes. It’s definitely enjoyable and quite addictive. As I’m not watching it on network tv, I’m continually amazed at how scary, creepy, violent and risque it is. It doesn’t feel like network television (though, weeding commercials out of anything really changes the dynamic of watching). The other thing that I find extraordinary is the writer’s willingness to dispose of plot points. I’m used to a certain rhythm of revealed information in television series. Used to information being dribbled out in bits and pieces, snitters and norbits. Heroes charges ahead full-throttle, and that’s appreciated. Thank god we aren’t going...

Dr. Hendrix and the Unfortunate Firestorm

Posted on Apr 20, 2007 in Blog, writing biz | 7 comments

In a pair of posts, the current SFWA V.P. has created a firestorm by calling writers who give away their work online “webscabs” a term that he later regretted using and tried to clarify but which has stained the larger themes he was attempting to touch upon. I actually have a fair amount of sympathy for Dr. Hendrix. Yes, he was rude in the way he couched his concerns and he’s been deservedly pummeled for it, but at root I think he was voicing real concerns and I wish that he had been more effective and less inflammatory when he raised them. Here’s the major offending quote: I’m also...

What Does Your Future Look Like?

Posted on Apr 19, 2007 in Blog, Writing |

We all carry storylines in our heads. We tell ourselves stories about who we are as individuals, who we are as communities and nations. Individually and collectively we use them as lenses to make sense of our situations and to steer our behaviors. The reason why most of my stories feel the way they do is because I mostly look at the future through a lens that looks like this: What does your future look...


Posted on Apr 19, 2007 in Blog, misc | 3 comments

As Gigi notes, I’ve been absent from blog land. Can’t really explain why. Just sort of lost...

Yellow Card Man

Posted on Apr 9, 2007 in News, Writing | 3 comments

is up at the Asimov’s website: http://www.asimovs.com/_issue_0704/yellowcard.shtml If you haven’t had a chance to read it before, take a...