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Posted on Feb 12, 2007 in Blog, travel | 3 comments

Good Eatin’ in Thailand

Everyone talks about how good Thai food is. And of course, they’re right. Here are some delicacies from a neighborhood market in Chiang Mai. Thanks to Daniel Spector and Kelly Buehler for taking me shopping with them.

An afternoon snack for the kids:
Special Snack

Why have a little bit of pork, when you can have a lot?
Crunchy Pork


  1. Are those fried caterpillars? I’m torn between the “ewwww!” reflex and wanting to try one. I mean, they’re *fried* so they must be crunchy and yummy, right?

    BTW, my copy of Fast Forward arrived yesterday. Your story in a book! I read it as soon as I got home – and loved it.

  2. Well, the curly pig doesn’t look any weirder than the fried pork skin round here, but the bowl of worms – I’d love to think I could try one, but…

  3. The worms are fried, and relatively crunchy.

    The pork rinds creep me out, though.