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Posted on Oct 23, 2006 in Appearances | 5 comments

World Fantasy Convention

I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention from Nov. 2-5. Busy schedule of con-going, but I can’t resist the pull of WFC.


  1. Hey, Paolo, I found your website! The last hour of the con with the conversation with Rob Sawyer and yourself was one of the highlights for me. I’m glad I didn’t skip out a few minutes earlier.

  2. Glad we had a little time to chat. You’re going to be at WFC, too, right?

  3. Hey,

    It was great to run into you at WFC, i just wish i’d gotten to talk to you more.

  4. Speaking of con-going, are you by chance going to the Nebulas this year?

    With Gunn being named Grand Master, there’ll be quite a contingent from Kansas – it’d be great to see you there, too.

  5. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to make it. A couple other people are pushing for me to go, and I’d like the excuse to head back east, but the wife gets the final say on this one, since I’ve been away for the last month. I’ll probably know soon.