Fiction by Paolo Bacigalupi

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  1. Well, if it makes you feel a tiny bit better, although my last name is #9186, my boyfriend Chris’ last name, LaBrunda, doesn’t rank at all either.

  2. LaBrunda. La Brunda? Lab Rundaaaaaahhhhh….

  3. More conciliation – Hildebrand (a name I’ve seen outside my own family) doesn’t rank either. I think that’s a very select 55,000.

    I hope you had a good time at WorldCon – it was funny to see pictures of you with Sawyer and Anders. I’m working with the latter now as part of a new Pyr campaign, which I’m pretty excited about.

    And keep up the good writing. Even my mother (who never reads SF), keeps on bringing up points and praise about “The Calorie Man” after I forced her to read it.

  4. As far as I know, LaBrunda is one of those names that was born at Ellis Island… what the actual last name was supposed to be, no one knows…. *cue scary music*

  5. When I first saw your name, I thought someone was perpetrating a literary fraud (a la Kilgore Trout or James Tiptree, Jr.). The intro to that first story of yours in F&SF strongly evoked the intro to Venus on the Half Shell. But it’s been years since then…

    “Bacigalupi” is common Sicilian slang for a country bumpkin. I’d never before heard it in any other context.

    A long way to get to “I’m not surprised your name didn’t rank.” (Then again, neither does mine…)